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Individuality, class and unique design combined with a very fair price-performance ratio will convince you of our offers. We advise you competently and are open to your wishes in planning your new home. We are specialized in properties in the British West Indies style.

British West Indies Style

A breeze of the Caribbean at Florida’s West Coast

A cool breeze blows through the impressively designed entrance area, the architectural composition offers shady refuge areas and the interior underlines the comfort that you have enjoyed in your recent Caribbean vacation. British West Indies Style – named after the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean – is characterized by clean lines, covered verandas and a multitude of windows. The latter are made with the typical ribbed shutters that offer both: shadow and a timid breeze.

We build the house of your dreams in this historic, yet contemporary style. If you wish, we will also furnish your new home in the British West Indies Style. The furniture is a mixture of the expedient British Gregorian style and the playful local craftsmanship of the Caribbean islands that decorates individual pieces with detailed ornaments. Due to the changing influence areas, different European styles from France, Spain and the Netherlands as well as African elements complement this unique design. Robust exotic hardwoods such as mahogany are used to make high-quality fittings that can resist the damp (sub) tropical climate that we also find on the West Coast of Florida. The high ceilings and large rooms are ideal for other design styles. We gladly advise you in advance to discuss with you your desired style and furnish the house in parts or completely. You prefer to do-it-yourself? We actively support you in finding the desired furnishings. When it comes to furniture or art, Sarasota has it all – this is particularly for what this city is famous for! And if it must be something special – Murano glass or shaker table – we offer you contacts to the best suppliers from Europe and other parts of the United States.

Stucco, arched balconies and patios with ornate columns are also among the characteristics of this style. The origins can be traced back to the Caribbean settlers in the 18th and 19 Century. These imported the formal style they were accustomed to in their home country, but adapted themselves over the years, even to the local architectural style. The result is this unique combination. At the beginning of this design, simple wooden huts were constructed of local timber. However, these constructions soon proved inappropriate due to the climatic conditions. The houses were not only small but intensely hot. Due to the tropical climate and the progress made in the design, the typical town house was further developed. Today houses in the British West Indies style usually consist of two floors. The lower area is spacious and allows air to circulate, which ensures a pleasant room climate even at high ambient temperatures. Traditionally, this floor also served as the area in which business matters were discussed. The second floor was designed as a living area. The characteristic architecture as we know it today and also offer, can be found amongst others on the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Barbados, St. Kitts, Grenada, Jamaica and Dominica.